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Heritage - Callan Euro Top

Heritage - Callan Euro Top

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The Heritage Mattress Callan Euro Top brings an elevated sleep experience designed to rejuvenate both body and mind.

This luxurious mattress features a Euro Top layer, adding an extra dimension of plush comfort. This surface layer seamlessly combines with the rest of the mattress to create a soft, cloud-like sleeping experience, while still providing the crucial support your body needs.

Beneath the Euro Top, the Callan employs a layer of adaptive comfort foam, responsive to individual body shape and sleep patterns. This high-density foam layer contours to your body, providing pressure point relief and promoting correct spinal alignment.

The Callan's core is constructed of an individually pocketed coil system, designed to provide localized support and minimize motion transfer. Each coil operates independently, allowing the mattress to respond and adjust to your body's unique shape and movements, ensuring a tranquil sleep even with a partner.

Encasing this luxurious combination is a breathable, quilted cover that not only looks great but also enhances the mattress's comfort. It promotes airflow to maintain a cool sleeping surface and is hypoallergenic to ensure a clean and healthy sleeping environment.

Delivered directly to your doorstep compressed and rolled in a box, the Heritage Mattress Callan Euro Top expands to its full size within a few hours, making setup as easy as bedtime story.

Heritage Mattress Callan Euro Top, where luxury comfort meets restorative sleep.

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