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Heritage - Acala Hybrid

Heritage - Acala Hybrid

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The Heritage Mattress Hybrid is designed with the perfect balance of innovative sleep technology and time-honored craftsmanship.

This mattress combines the best of both worlds; it melds the responsive support of individually pocketed spring coils with the plush comfort of premium memory foam. The upper foam layers are designed to mold to your body, relieving pressure points and promoting a healthier sleep posture. Simultaneously, the lower spring coil system offers robust support, ensuring long-lasting durability and resisting sag over time.

With a breathable, hypoallergenic cover, the Heritage Mattress Hybrid helps you stay cool throughout the night. This cover is easily removable and washable, keeping your sleep environment fresh and clean.

Experience the unique firmness of the Heritage Mattress Hybrid, which is perfectly designed to provide a restful sleep regardless of your preferred sleep position. Be it side, back, or stomach sleeper, the mattress offers an ideal balance of comfort and support.

Embrace the convenience of the bed-in-a-box model; your Heritage Mattress Hybrid will arrive compressed and rolled for easy set-up. Once unboxed, it expands to its full size within a few hours.

Invest in the Heritage Mattress Hybrid - where tradition meets innovation for your best night's sleep.


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